The Alternate Mortification - At The Hop



After I had a workshop”pimps your handbag” we went to a tapas restaurant. We used the public transport to the restaurant and that in a heat of 30 degrees was pretty sweaty. Totally wet we arrived at the restaurant. Inside it was almost 35 degrees and not even better outside. This was summer for one day in The Netherlands and we were not used of this heat. The food was delicious and of course too much. We had some much fun and it looked like we never had been chatting. For me in fact it was like that; since I ...

New cups

In an attempt to contribute to the well being of all humans on our beloved planet the company my husband works for has decided to buy every employee a nice big stainless (or at least looking like stainless) cup. So far paper cups were used for coffee and tea and they consume vast amounts of that resulting in a huge number of paper cups being thrown away every day. The idea at such is not bad, I think. However, somebody needs to wash the new cups. And it looks like that's something nobody thought about.